OWS is A non Profit organization that was established in 1952. It aims to provides welfares and educational services to orphans, children who live under dire socio-economic conditions, and those with special needs through the its Residential Unit and its 5 specialized schools.

Our Mission

To provide a nurturing environment, quality education and vocational training to orphans, underprivileged children and youth, in addition to children with special needs, to help them become productive members in the community.

Our Vision

A world where every child enjoys the most nurturing childhood environment that fosters the growth of an active, empowered and productive adult who can achieve his or her optimum potential as a citizen and a human being.

Our Timeline

Board Members

Dr. Said Mekkawi


Dr. Aya Zein

Vice President

Mr. Mohammad Majzoub


Eng. Wassim Baba


Mr. Walid Makkawi

Internal Auditor

Mr. Ali Shreiteh

Board Member

Mr. Ahmad Sabeayon

Board Member

Mr. Moustafa Hijazi

Board Member

Mr. Moustafa Jubaili

Board Member