Positive, caring relationships based on trust and respect, are at the heart of our philosophy.

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Social Welfare Department

We look forward to providing comprehensive care and specialized services .

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Ahmad Riad Jawhari Center for Autism

Growing our children’s capacity to adapt to society

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Saida Generations School

Giving every child their right to an education

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The School for the Deaf and Communication Disorders

Boosting our children’s communication capabilities

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Ahmad Mosbah Bizri Center for Children with Special Needs

Bringing out our children’s abilities for integration

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Mohammad Zaidan Center for Vocational Training

Empowering our youth with skills and passion

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Support Clinics

Outpatient Clinics

Sensory Room

Eye Clinic

Auditory Laboratory

Medical unit

Music Therapy Room for Children with Special Needs

Dar Boutique

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Transforming unused bites and pieces of wood and fabric into quality handmade gifts items .

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Public Facilities & Operational Units

Our in-house services contribute to a cost efficient operations.


Covering the dietary needs of our Residential Unit and the different yearly events hosted at OWO.

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Sewing Factory

Serving the various needs of OWO and generating income through its support for Dar Boutique.

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Cleaning Department

Keeping the OWO environment clean to maintain excellence and help boost productivity.

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IT Department

Monitoring IT resources and implementing new technologies for a modern and reliable environment.

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Carpentry Workshop

Supporting OWO departments with all carpentry maintenance and production needs.

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Maintaining standards and safety across OWO with a highly qualified team of technicians.

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Operations Department Responsibilities

OWO operations unit aims to keep stability, develop and implement projects.


The theater is also regularly rented out for special educational and cultural events.

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Where our donated and bought goods are stored safely and arranged for future ease of access.

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Solar Power

Partnering with sun to maximize on your donations

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Event Organization

Making sure the annual events and fundraisers at OWO are planned and executed to the last detail.

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Ortho Center

The team at the center manufactures and installs various types of prostheses, orthoses, and paralysis devices.

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