Beyond a donation.

It’s an investment toward the future of Lebanon’s vulnerable children and youth..

Year-long Donation Opportunities

Yearly Sponsorship Programs

Sponsor special needs child

Your yearly sponsorship provides the right to an education to communities where education is a luxury.

1800$ / year

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Sponsor an Orphan

With your support to Kafalat program, the student will continue his education with a new spirit full of ideas, activities, changes and developments in order to maintain the level of services we provide to our children first, and secondly to maintain the trust you have given us, and finally to keep pace with the development that is happening around us.

1200$ / year

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Support our Centers


Positive, caring relationships based on trust and respect, are at the heart of our philosophy.

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Social Welfare Department

We look forward to providing comprehensive care and specialized services .

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Ahmad Riad Jawhari Center for Autism

Growing our children’s capacity to adapt to society

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Saida Generations School

Giving every child their right to an education

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The School for the Deaf and Communication Disorders

Boosting our children’s communication capabilities

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Ahmad Mosbah Bizri Center for Children with Special Needs

Bringing out our children’s abilities for integration

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Mohammad Zaidan Center for Vocational Training

Empowering our youth with skills and passion

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Special Donations

Donating out of duty, for blessings or in celebration?

Now it's easier with OWO.


A small percentage of 2.5% can make a big difference to the lives of those that are eligible to receive it.

Pay Zakat


Pay your Fotra

7 $
Pay Fotra

Kuswat Al Eid

Your yearly sponsers allows us to provide our children with Eid clothes

50 $
Make a Donation

Support OWO

A donation that gives us the flexibility to cover OWO’s various operational expenses where no amount is ever too little to make a change.

Donate Now

Your donation will go to cover our operational costs and help us continue to serve our children the best way possible.