Medical unit


We are concerned to provide health and medical care to the OWO children through providing curative and preventive services in a manner that preserves their health and safety.


That the medical center should be distinguished in providing primary health care services to children in accordance with quality standards


  • Provide safe health care for our children in cooperation with the multidisciplinary medical team. The medical center includes dental clinics, ophthalmology, pediatrics, general health, ENT clinic.
  • Conducting medical examination and vaccination by specialist doctors, and provide health, preventive and curative care. In the event that a medical condition calls for surgical operations, the center will transfer it to external hospitals.
  • Providing social and psychological support to patients and their families to raise the level of health awareness by providing guidance and counseling services by nurses.
  • Carry out health education programs and activities in cooperation with the social workers to improve the environment and health of children.

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