Ahmad Mosbah Bizri Center for Children with Special Needs
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Beneficiaries of the Department

The Center for Children with Special Needs offers its services to 160 children with mental challenges  aged between 2 and 18 years. 


The Center for Children with Special Needs at Orphan Welfare Society (OWS) aims to develop and promote the abilities of persons with mental challenges through a specialized program that helps them meet their educational and social needs in order to become self-dependent and autonomous.


We look towards a world where every person who suffers from mental challenges can face life challenges autonomously and play an effective role in society to achieve self-fulfillment.


• Ensure an integrated program that works on the rehabilitation of students in various fields: educational, social, physical, technical, psychological and vocational. 
• Work to consolidate relations between children with special needs and society and help place them within a social and professional network.
• Work on the rehabilitation of children in daily life skills to achieve self-dependence and autonomy.
• Guide students professionally based on their tendencies and skills and develop their capacities to the highest possible level to achieve their financial independence.


• Diagnose and provide comprehensive evaluation of every student’s case.
• Determine individual pedagogical plans.
• Provide supportive treatments (speech and language therapy - psychomotor therapy – psychotherapy).
• Offer diverse vocational training.
• Train on rhythmic and kinetic programs 
(drawing, music and sport).
• Provide welfare and rehabilitation services.
• Network with public organizations to ensure job opportunities
• Offer familial and social guidance.

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