The School for the Deaf and Communication Disorders
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Beneficiaries of the Department

The School for the Deaf offers its services to children with hearing impairment and communication disorders from the age of 2 to 18.


The School for the Deaf and Communication Disorders at Orphan Welfare Society (OWS) aims to provide education, training and rehabilitation services to children with hearing-impairments and communication disorders to help them attain academic achievement and social integration.


We look towards a world that provides the best education to children with hearing-impairments and communication disorders and ensures their dignified integration and interaction with society to achieve self-fulfillment.


• Work on the development of early intervention (4-2 years) for children with hearing-impairments and communication disorders.
• Provide students with academic skills using the latest methods and to work on the development of their various cognitive, physical and social aspects.
• Teach students with hearing-impairments till the completion of the basic education (Brevet \ ninth grade) and help them determine their future plans.
• Work on the reintegration of students with communication disorders in public or private schools through specialized programs and intensive treatment sessions.
• Work on familial guidance to identify the capabilities of the students and raise awareness and educate society.
• Promote social integration of our students through training, rehabilitation and empowerment.
Note: Three of our students successfully acquired the Brevet Public Certificate this year. 


• Teach, train and rehabilitate students with hearing impairments from nursery to the ninth grade (Brevet) using pedagogic methodologies that correspond
to their abilities.
• Teach and rehabilitate students with communication disorders from kindergarten to the ninth grade (Brevet).
• Provide supportive treatment services through specialized individual sessions in:
- Psychomotor therapy
- Psychotherapy
- Speech therapy
- Educational Evaluation
• Prepare and implement social intervention programs through individual and group sessions that include awareness meetings for students and their families and home visits.
• Provide medical services in the Audiology Lab at OWS which include:
- Audiometry
- Provision of hearing aids
- Examination by a specialist doctor / otolaryngology.
• Provide Audiometric services to all segments of society at reasonable fees.
• Organize campaigns and educational meetings to raise awareness about the importance of early intervention for children with hearing impairments and 
communication disorders.

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