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The Center for Vocational Training at Orphan Welfare Organization (OWO) offers its services to early school dropouts and to youth who are unwilling to continue their studies. It aims to rehabilitate them professionally in order to help them become productive and effective, and to work on the development of their social relations and instilling in them love and appreciation for work; and a sense of liability, confidence and honesty.


We look towards a world of productive youth who are empowered professionally and socially, and face economic and the social difficulties and challenges.


  • Recruit student dropouts or those facing difficult social and economic conditions, and offer them a vocational program that enhances their skills and their professional experiences.
  • Provide students with professions that render them productive within a relatively short period.
  • Instill in the students a passion for work along with liability, confidence and honesty.
  •  Develop their social relations and integrate them in society through securing them sustainable job opportunities and success.
  • Work on positive change at the individual, familial and social level.


  • Offer an accelerated vocational training in various fields required in the job market.
  •  Present awareness sessions abut life skills to enhance their professional and social relationships.
  •  Present awareness sessions about potential life’s risks and hazards and how they can confront them.
  • Ensure training opportunities in various establishments and companies in order to enhance students’ networking opportunities and help them secure decent future jobs prospects.
  • Develop students’ skills in computers and related basic programs.
  • Offer preparatory accelerated vocational training programs to students less than 16 years.

Beneficiaries of the department:

The services of the Vocational Center are offered to students aged between 14 and 22 years’ school dropouts in Saida and the vicinity. The center currently accommodates 96students.

Staff :13

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