OWO have launched the "Monet Dar" campaign to distribute food portions to OWO students family. 

Package cost: 100,000 L.L 

For those who wish to participate in this campaign, they can:

Call us at 07722788 or 07720788 - extension 102/103
Visit our offices at Serail Roundabout, OWO campus, Dar Al Fatat building
Donate through our bank accounts at the Bank Med IBAN:

IBAN: LB 570022000000140010349200 (L.L.)
IBAN: LB 190022000000240010349200 (US $)
Audi Bank
IBAN: LB 76005600003598146100100307 (L.L.)
IBAN: LB 75005600003598146100200332 (US $)

Donate online via www.orphanwelfare-lb.org
Write a bank check payable to OWS جمعية رعاية اليتيم
Have Iftar with the children at OWS

Or, for more convenience, OWS can send a representative directly to you. 

It addition to all the above, OWS also accepts donations for “Fotra” (5000 LL according to Dar Al-Iftaa), Zakat (2.5% according to Islamic Sheriah)